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      The company is mainly engaged in stearate series, special lubricants for engineering plastics, etc

      ABOUT US

      —— yitian technology

      Jiangshan Yitian Technology Co., Ltd. is a state high-tech enterprise incorporated in 2005. 

      We have been certified to ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. Over 15 years we specialize in R&D and manufacture of ruber and plastic addtives, and we focus on green, safe, efficient and effective products. 

      Jiangshan Yitian Technology Co., Ltd.
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      Sales Department:    Irene Zheng

      Email:                        sales@zjyitian.cn

      Mobile:                      +86 18016213620

      Address:                    No.16 Xinggong 7th Road,

                                        Jiangshan Economic Development Zone,

                                        Jiangshan, 324123,

                                        Zhejiang Province, China 


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